There are varying degrees of skin types and because not all Sphynx are completely bald, there are varying degrees of coat textures as well. The descriptions below are types felt and seen in Sphynx I have known.

Note:  We cannot guarantee the degree of hairlessness of any Sphynx as they can change over time.  

Rubber Bald or Sticky Bald
Feels completely bald and has little to no hair on nose, feet or tail.  Tend to produce more body oils and may require more bathing than other skin types.  May be more difficult to pet due to friction caused between your hand and the sticky/rubber surface of their skin.  There tends to be more of a "reflection" on their body caused by the smooth texture and quite possibly oils.

Has just the right balance of nakedness and fine coat.  They are soft and smooth to the touch and tend to require less bathing as a rubber/sticky bald Sphynx.  The skin can be squeezable soft or silky smooth.  The hair on the nose, ear and tail could range from almost invisible to the eye to light and downy.  

Felt Fuzzys
Appears generally naked but upon touch or close inspection you will notice an even coated hair texture that feels like felt.  This texture created by short stubble.  Often kittens are born this way and change over time and become "hairless" but they also can stay this way throughout their life.

Peach Fuzzy
Appears generally naked but upon close inspection has a bit of soft downy fur on ears, face, tail, and feet and can often have more shoots of hair around the ears.  

Devon-ish Coat
Over time I have seen different parts of a Sphynx body develop wavy spots of hair similar to that of a Devon Rex.  This most often occurs on the tail, ears and love handles but can also cover a large portion of the body. (Often cats of this nature can be DNA tested to determine if it is the Devon Rex gene popping up and causing this type of coat.)



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