We feel that the betterment and preservation of the Sphynx breed through HCM mitigation efforts should be a driving force behind a breeder’s method of producing offspring. Individual breeding practices affect the lives of kittens, the health of future generations and the hearts of the those families who bring Sphynx into their lives.  When searching for a Sphynx Breeder, you should chose one that demonstrates best practices in health, vitality and temperament.



  • Certifies that all Sphynx breeding kings and queens are registered in a recognized feline registry (CFA, TICA.)

  • Proves that all Sphynx breeding cats are scanned for HCM annually.

  • Proves that Sphynx breeding cats and parents of breeding cats are currently HCM free.

  • Demonstrates that all Sphynx breeding cats are DNA tested.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to ensuring all bred Sphynx cats continue to be scanned after retirement.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to achieving conformation to breed standards set forth by a recognized feline registry (CFA, TICA.)

  • Breeds discriminatory and only from cats in good health, of good breed type and with no known detrimental genetic health issues.

  • Demonstrates high quality of life and can prove they are healthy and well socialized.



  • Spays/Neuters all kittens prior to placement.

  • Microchips all kittens.

  • Does not place kittens in new homes under 12 weeks of age.

  • Has working knowledge of genetics and generally avoids very close inbreeding.

  • Ensures kittens leave for their new homes age appropriately vaccinated, health checked and tested/treated for parasites, and in good health.

  • Assures kitten is disease-free prior to placement.

  • Socializes and conducts basic training with all kittens before sending them to their new homes.  



  • Provides health/HCM guarantees

  • Requests or requires all Sphynx pet owners to HCM scan annually

  • Provides legally-binding contracts upon purchase that protect buyer as well as kitten.

  • Provides accurate and reliable health and vaccination records detailing proper veterinary care.

  • Discloses any known health issues to buyers/adopters.

  • Takes responsibility for any kitten produced, during any point in the lifetime of that kitten, should the original home become unable to care for the kitten or grown adult cat.

  • Offers support indefinitely to new owner by way of counseling, training/behavior advice, health care information, etc.

Adoption Fees

 We require a $200 deposit to get on our waiting list. This goes towards the final price.

   Sphynx Pets
   $2200 w/3 year HCM guarantee*
   $3000 w/5 year HCM guarantee*

   Lykoi Pets
   $2200 w/3 year HCM guarantee*

   Spay / Neuter
   Pre-Op Bloodwork/CBC
   Tests: Fecal, Giardia, Ear Cytology
   Age Appropriate Vaccinations
   Registration with CFA
   Lifetime Support and Friendship

   Free: Within 200 miles (roundtrip) of 48469
   By Land: $200-$400 w/in 200-400 miles (roundtrip)
   By Air: $450 PetSafe

The price for an Outcross pet:
   Coated F1, F2 or F3
   $500 w/1 year guarantee*

Included in Outcross price:
   Spay / Neuter
   Tests: Fecal including Giardia, Ear Cytology
   Age Appropriate Vaccinations

Breeding Quality Cat
We are happy to mentor select new breeders that show an interest in holding a bar high in breeding and showing. 
  Sphynx $3000
  Outcross Sphynx $1200 + kitten
  Lykoi $5000
  Lykoi Outcross  $1800 + Kitten

HCM Guarantee*
  on a restricted Contract
HomeAgain MicroChip
FIV/FELV Tested & Negative
Deworming if necessary
Ear Cytology Test
Age Appropriate Vaccinations
Registration with CFA

Although we are extremely conscientious in our breeding practice, it is impossible to promise that any Sphynx will not get HCM, FIP or another disease caused by genetics or birth defects. If your cat dies during the guaranteed period with such a disease, we will provide another cat to you per your signed contract.

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