We breed every season and are often raising litters.
However, due to the high demand of our kittens, reservations are required in advance. 

Complete our online adoption application now to begin the process so we cook you up the healthy kitten of dreams.
Prices for our kittens are $1800 - $2200
(price varies according to the length of HCM guarantee)
Please note:  there could be a 12+ month wait but the more flexible you are in color and gender, the faster it would be.

hairless kitties

If you would like a Sphynx kitten from us in 2020-2021,
please fill out our application now to be considered.

Due to the length of our waiting list, it will be a 12-16 month wait for your Sphynx kitten to be born.

No one has EVER regretted waiting and that gives you plenty of time to prepare.

All Sphynx are $1800 w/a 3 year HCM guarantee or $2200 w/a 5 year HCM guarantee.


werewolf kitties

If you would like a Lykoi kitten from us in 2020-2021, 
please fill out our application now to be considered.

- Lykoi Cats aka Werewolf Cats are not in any way related to the Sphynx breed - 

All Lykoi are $2200 with a 2 year genetic health/FIP guarantee.

We have 3 girls available. Born on 5/21/2020 and are just starting to wolf out.
Wolfing out is when they start to molt. You know; just like a werewolf does when there is a full moon.



Along with our partner, Faolan Lykoi in Wisconsin, we have 3 males available. Born 5/12/2020.
Dr. Connie Hurley (my partner) is naming these lil weirdos after the Phantom of the Opera.
I have fallen asleep EVERY TIME I tried to watch it so.... I can't identify with the names. Maybe you can. 





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